Internet Marketing Consultant

Franuel Digital Marketing is an internet marketing consultancy based in London. We aim to help small to medium size businesses improve their online presence and convert more leads into actual business. This will result in an increase in sales and revenue.

Traditional marketing methods such as newspaper advertising and Yellow Pages are no longer working. The response rates are through the floor and there is no real way to tracking where your customers have come from. 

Most consumers turn to the Internet now when they are looking for businesses, so it is essential to have a Internet Marketing strategy for your business

Here at Franuel Digital Marketing, we provide a range of Internet Marketing Consultation Services. Such as:

Website design
Website enhancements
Video creation
Google local submissions
Social media management

These services are designed  to reach our clients requirements. Helping them grow and improve return on their investments.

We work closely with clients, focusing on understanding their business goals and their customer needs so they can make business decisions guided by information that matters.

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